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Marked Heart by M. Sembera
Release Day

A marked heart, longing for the one is nothing more than a restless heart, burdened by a lie.

Marked Heart (Marked Heart #4)
Contemporary Romance
M. Sembera
Sept. 17, 2015

On the surface, everything appears fine. / No one knows the truth.
Only she understands what he's lost. / He's the only one that feels her pain.
His soul is broken. / Her existence is hollow.
She brings purpose to his life. / With him, her life has meaning.
She's opening up. / He's getting to her.
He doesn't know. / She has no idea.
He never wanted to lie. / She can't admit the truth.
It could be fate. / It's only ink.

Liv unwrapped the bacon and dropped it in the skillet as Braden leaned against the counter next to her.
  "I'm turning Kieran's marking room into a library."
  "You are?"
  Nodding, she started to explain, "This book I read a few months ago, said..."
  Braden cut her off, laughing, "You and your self-help books."
  "It was an erotic thriller that centered around..."
  "Hold on," he interrupted her again, "Erotic like porn?"
  Shrugging her shoulder as she poked at the bacon with a fork, Liv clarified, "More like mystery with lots of hot sex."
  "You dirty girl," he teased with a wide smile before questioning, "So this 'library' you're wantin', is really a room to stash your porn collection?"
  "No, I keep all the porn on my kindle in drawer next to my bed." Liv replied with a smirk.
Braden started to smile then narrowed his eyes at her. Instinctively, she narrowed her eyes back at him, without realizing they were having a stand off until he broke into a full sprint towards the back of the house. Quickly removing the skillet from the burner before turning it off, Liv rushed to the back, after him.
By the time she made it into the room, Braden had her kindle in one hand, swiping pages with the other.
  "Here we go," he announced as something apparently caught his eye. "Roughly rubbing circles around her..."
  "Put it down," she snapped, marching towards him.
  Backing into the corner, he skipped to, "Threading his fingers into the back of her hair, he pulled her down to his aching..."
  Reaching to snatch her kindle from him, she blurted, "Damn it!" As he held it high above his head, exclaiming, "Wait! This part's highlighted!"

I enjoy Mary’s books and she has now become a friend which i think is lovely. This series, the books are all intermingled but standalones. I have read some and not others and it doesn't matter at all. I think I'm in love with Braden, he is beautifully written and i just felt something ( i hope he felt it too ;). I actually didn't like Liv at all, i thought she would grow on me but i kept wishing Braden would find somebody who deserved him. Again like many of the books i read Mary has an easy writing style that is nice and EASY to read. All the series is based around the Tattoo parlour and the “marked hearts” i only have one negative point which was the book was kinda slow until 40% but 40-100% were finished in one go. if you like a good romance then this series is for you xox solid 4* read.

Time doesn't always heal old wounds. Often time makes them worse. Especially when you push those wounds to the back of your mind and focus on the life you want to lead. Then the day comes when you finally have everything. It is then, you realize that nothing ever goes away.

The true measure of a person's worth lies not within what they can offer you but what you have to offer them. No matter how desirable, are they worth your time, patience, forgiveness, loyalty, friendship, love, respect, understanding, compassion, trust? If not, they are worth more than you have to offer. They deserve for you to let them go.

Foolish is the heart that leaves itself open to falling in love. Reckless is the person who steps away from tradition to claim a life of their own. Irreplaceable is the moment one takes the risk.

He was all the things she really wanted and never bothered to look for in a man. He was also the most stubborn jackass she had ever met.
She was an infuriating pain in the ass, and he'd be damned straight to hell if he had to spend even one day without her by his side.

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