Saturday, 12 September 2015


What book do you wish you had written ?

The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig - because Tony Rawlings… thats why!! i adore this series

What's your favourite of your books ?

Monochrome by a mile, I adored Callum and Shannon and a part of me was both made and lost in this story - it changed me.

Which of your books was the most fun to write ?

The Goodbye Man - working with another writer was such fun and we had a no hold barred, no boundaries approach that was such fun.

Which of your books w the hardest  to write ?

My current WIP, 28-Boys Will Die is proving to be the hardest, its emotionally gutting me because these characters and places are almost too real.

Your book is being made into  a movie, which star would you beg to make a cameo appearance ?

I see Evan Peters (from American Horror Story) making an appearance as Neil in Monochrome.

Coffee, tea or wine ?
Coffee and Wine - i cannot drink tea… its just gross!

You are taking me on holiday, where are we going and why ?

The bush - for me there is no place quite as magical as the African bush veld and I believe everyone should see it once in their lives.

Who is your favourite book boyfriend ? (Not yours )

Ryan from Ker Dukey’s Empathy Series … Hot psychopathic killer whats not to love.

What was the last thing you ate ?

Hot Cross buns with coffee

Which of your character’s would you
A, marry - Callum, Monochrome My Madness
B, sleep with - Rowan - Colour My Ugly
C, murder - Mateo - The Goodbye Man (if he didn’t kill me first)

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