Tuesday, 15 September 2015


What book do you wish you had written ? 

Jane Eyre. In part, because it has been voted the greatest book of all time by so many polls and could never be surpassed. It is a book that contains everything; romance, adventure, rags to riches, strife, sadness, everything. I remember reading it as a teenager and staying up until the wee hours to finish it. It’s probably why I am writing today - feeling that feeling a book gives you - and wondering if I could do that for people, too. 

What's your favourite of your books ? 

It is a really tough question. Some of my books I can barely go back to re-read because I love my books so much and live them vicariously, sometimes it’s hard to re-read those sharp emotions. My fave has to be Angel Avenue and when I tell people this, they are stunned. Some of my other novels are big, beefy monsters but Angel Avenue is a true piece of my heart.

Which of your books was the most fun to write ?

I absolutely loved writing Unleash, Kayla Tate’s story. One) because she is totes badass, and two) because I wrote it as though I was living it in real-time with her, so I was on the journey with her, living every day wondering what the hell might happen next! I picked a pretty good feller for her to have fun with!

Which of your books was the hardest  to write ? 

Unfurl, the middle book in my Sub Rosa trilogy. It was a gigantic leap of faith. Secrets come out that aren’t very nice and I had to hold back a lot so I could properly give my readers a final punch in the guts in Unleash. I think a lot of writers will tell you the middle book is always hardest because you have to consider what was done in the first, and what you’d also like to set up for the third. You have to make sure there’s enough for people’s interest to carry on with the series, too. I felt an unreal responsibility to Cai in this book because he was a man on the edge and rather than skip over his demons, I really went to town with the horrors of his mind. It meant neglecting some of the heat but it was a risk I took.

Your book is being made into a movie, which star would you beg to make a cameo appearance ? 

Stanley Tucci. Just love him.

Coffee, tea or wine ?

Tea. I associate it with curling up in a big chair and pulling the pages open on a book.

You are taking me on holiday, where are we going and why? 

I’m taking you to New York to eat the biggest pretzel you’ve ever had. Not to mention, taking in a few burlesque shows. 

Who is your favourite book boyfriend ? (Not yours)

Heathcliff. He’s a dirty sod (in my mind!). 

What was the last thing you ate ? 

Carrot and coriander soup.

Which of your characters would you 
A, marry
B, sleep with 
C, murder 

I’d marry Warrick from Angel Avenue.
I’d sleep with Cai Matthews.
I’d murder Leticia from my vampire serial, Fabien.

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