Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Mia is a highly successful child psychologist, hoping to be made a partner in the company she works for. But then she accepts a case that will change her life for ever. Gemma is a teenage girl whose father is on the run for embezzlement. The police think Gemma knows where he is and they want Mia to talk to her. 
Both women are hiding devastating secrets, and both women need the other to survive. The question is, can they trust each other?

This was 100% amazing until it became predictable and boring, maybe thats just me but i kept waiting for the secret ? 
Mia is a good character and she seems a little messed up but its not as bad as it appears in the build up but the whole book seems that way if im honest its builds but no peak, instead it falls flat.  this book doesn't fulfil its desire. im gutted because i was loving it, the build up was perfect for a thriller/ mystery but so very anti climatic. Gemma was well written character but was missing something and i haven't been able to work that out yet. i was ready to go buy the paperback and purchase everything this author had written but im left empty and wanting a proper ending to this story. it is such a shame as this  author has the ability and wrote this perfectly just needed a better ending. i did however fall in love with patrick he was perfect and adorable 

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