Friday, 18 September 2015


1.       I wish I’d written J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books. The creativity of them just blows my mind! People ask me how I’ve come up with so many stories in a short space of time, but everything I write is in the realms of possibility. To have the imagination to write that world, wow.

2.       My favourite book of mine, so far, is “The Temptress.” I just loved writing Luc’s character. Being half French I have an affinity to all things French, but throw in a dominant, dirty talking, sexually skilled, protective and caring alpha … yes, that was my favourite!

3.       The most fun to write was “For the Night” with escort Logan Steele. Coming up with different sexual scenarios for his clients was fun, especially the DVD’s I had to watch and the google searches I had to make, all in the name of research of course ;-)

4.       The hardest to write was “Infinite Love,” the last book in The Austin Series. I’d spent eight months writing six full length novels and the prequel novella, nearly 1,800 pages with the same characters. It was hard from a mental point of view, trying to remember all the loose ends that needed tying up to keep the readers happy. More than anything it was hard emotionally. After spending that long living in those characters heads and shaping them from naïve teens to mature adults, saying goodbye wrecked me. You become so immersed in your characters’ lives, I even remember checking my watch wondering what time my pizza was coming, because I’d placed an order in the book! I sobbed for over an hour when I wrote the last chapter and cried on and off all the next day knowing I was walking away from them, for a few years at least.

5.       I can answer this without even thinking about it! Gabriel Macht. I’d love him to play Robert Austin, the sexy forty something father of Gabe Austin, The Austin Series. I had him in mind when I wrote both Gabe and Robert. His smile just kills me! Excuse me for a moment while I slip into a happy daydream.

6.       If you’d asked me that question a few months ago, whilst I loved all three, I would have answered coffee. But since having my tonsils out in May, my taste buds are completely fried, very little tastes nice anymore, coconut water is the only thing I’ve found that I enjoy, so I’d drinking it by the gallon.

7.       We’re going to the Far East to Beijing to see the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall of China, the Three Gorges Dam and to relax as we sail the Yangtze river. After soaking up all of that culture, we’ll head to Hong Kong, to shop ‘til we drop and enjoy the vibrant night life. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world.

8.       My absolute favourite book boyfriend has to be Gideon Cross – although I’ve only read books one to three so far. I was late to the erotic romance party, only reading Fifty Shades in December 2012. While I didn’t fall in love with Christian, I fell in love with the genre and started devouring steamy reads. Meeting Gideon was an eye opener. A strong, dominant alpha with a hidden soft chewy centre when it came to the woman he loved. That’s the model I wanted for all of my heroes, as well as for myself.

9.      The last thing i ate was plain spaghetti tossed in a little bit of butter, with tonnes of cracked black pepper, washed down with coconut water!

10.   From my characters I’d A) Marry the sexy and loaded Frenchman Luc Le Grand, B) Sleep with the skilled sexual master, escort Logan Steele, C) Commit treble homicide on the vile Chelsea from The Austin Series, and Camilla Domville and Daron Beck from the For the Night series.

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