Friday, 11 September 2015


What book do you wish you had written ? 
The Harry Potter series! Incredibly creative and intricate and beautifully written...and such fun!

What's your favourite of your books ?
I’ve only published A Matter of Trust, but I do love the story and my characters. I’m working on the sequel and have another (not in A Matter of Trust series) I’m writing, both of which I’m enjoying too. 

Which of your books was the most fun to write ?
Since A Matter of Trust was the story that lit my author fire, I’ll say that one. When I wrote the initial draft I wanted to do nothing else--like anything. Not eat, not sleep, not talk to my family, lol. It was insane but in a very cool way.

Which of your books was the hardest  to write ? 
I’ve struggled in some way with everything I’ve written. I’d like to tie up and throw my inner editor (aka the crabby, doubting voice in my head!) into a pit, since it often tells me this is wrong or that doesn’t sound right or questions the story’s plot or purpose. I’ve wanted to give up many times, but have always come back.

Your book is being made into  a movie, which star would you beg to make a cameo appearance ? 
Jason Momoa! I still hold out hope that Drogo will return on Game of Thrones, but if he can’t, then I want five minutes with him on set. Okay, fine, I want five minutes or several days with him--alone. 

Coffee, tea or wine ? 
Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening, and wine on the weekends! I feel like I should sing that. 

You are taking me on holiday, where are we going and why ?
We’re going to Egypt! Ancient Egyptian artifacts are often mysterious and always fascinating.

Who is your favourite book boyfriend ? (Not yours ) 
Ooh. Tough one. I’ll go with Christian Grey because he’s a broken man in many ways and for some insane reason that turns me on. *Schedules appointment with shrink*

What was the last thing you ate ? 
Doritos. They are comfort food for my hips. 

Which of your characters would you 
A, marry Dan
B, sleep with Dan
C, murder Rita

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