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Meeting Jackson Steele was a shock to my senses. Confident and commanding, he could take charge of any room . . . or any woman. And he hungered for me. Our bond was immediate, our passion untamed. I wanted to surrender completely, but I couldn't risk him knowing the truth about my past. Yet Jackson carried secrets too, and in our desire we found our escape. Learning to trust is never easy. My mind told me to run. But heart had never felt a fire this strong - one that could save me...or scar me forever.

i have never read any of Julie’s work before so wasn't sure what to expect. This book blew me away I was reading until my kids were hungry and my eyeballs gave up. Sylvia is a fabulous character, she has issues but deals with them in a badass way, sleeping with guys and getting tattoos. Jackson is misunderstood but a softie at heart when it comes to his woman. 

Sylvia is haunted by nightmares of when she was “ raped” by a photographer when she was 14. sylvia doesn't see it as rape because she orgasmed and as jackson explains she was only 14 she couldn't control her bodies reaction to the guy. Five years ago Sylvia had a night with Jackson but it brought her nightmares flooding back and she asked Jackson to leave her alone. Fast forward five years and she is project manger of a island that they are trying to turn into a vacation spot. 

one of the investors the architect  has pulled out and the only person who could pull this back on track is jackson  but he isn't interested in speaking to Sylvia.

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Title: The Exposé 4
Series: The Exposé #4
Author: Roxy Sloane
 Release Date: April 27, 2015

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Graphic Designer: Jay Jay

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She’s torn my empire apart. Now, my secrets are out — but I still don’t know who I can trust.

Somebody is after me, and they don’t care who they hurt to get their way.

I have to protect her.

I need to possess her.

It all ends tonight.

*The fourth and final part of the explosive serial!*

Graphic Designer: Jay Jay

Author Bio

Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.

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Book & Author Details:

Nearly Almost Somebody by Caroline Batten 
Publication date: March 26th 2015 
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


She’s nearly perfect – He’s almost the one
When Patrick’s caught in flagrante with a local beauty queen, his father delivers an ultimatum: one more newspaper scandal and Patrick will be out on his ear. Desperate not to lose his job at the family veterinary practice,
Patrick needs to avoid trouble – and girls like Libby.
The Broken Ballerina’s a headline waiting to happen, but mourning her short-lived career as a dancer, Libby casts a Wiccan spell to summon a new love: Good-looking, honest, non-brown eyes, English, good with animals… in a nutshell, she summons Patrick.
But fighting Libby’s love spell will be the least of Patrick’s problems when an old lady dies from a ketamine overdose – ketamine stole from his surgery.
Witchcraft, Scandal, Murder...

Will anyone find their perfect Somebody?


Caroline lives in the Lake District with her husband, small child and two Kune Kune pigs. 

She daydreams of one day owning a pair of Louboutin's and having somewhere fabulous to wear them. Until then, she'll be found plodding up a mountain in her trusty hiking boots. 

#forfeit is Caroline's debut novel. Her follow up, Nearly Almost Somebody is also available from Amazon.

Author Links:

Caroline Batten - The Interview

Caroline is the author of #Forfeit and Nearly Almost Somebody, contemporary romances she likes to call “Chick Lit with Edge” – forget shoe-shopping and cupcakes, expect binge drinking, eating disorders and Class A drug-taking.

#Forfeit is the sordid tale of five friends who play a game of increasingly dangerous dares. Nearly Almost Somebody is filled with Wiccan love spells, murder and local scandal. Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Anywhere I can. Music, films, the Antiques Roadshow. 

Totes. It’s where I saw the antique forfeit ball that Daisy rolls in the book. 

Tell us your usual writing routine. 
I work full-time, we have a 6 year-old daughter and we’re renovating an old farmhouse - writing routine, you say? Lol. There isn’t one. When I’m in the zone, I’ll write whenever and wherever I can, but when I’m not... life does get in the way.   

Life? How much time do you spend procrastinating on Facebook?
Yeah. That. 

Do you have a favourite snack when you are in your writing zone?
Does Prosecco with a sliced strawberry in count as a snack?

What was the first book you remember reading and enjoying?
Without a doubt, Jill’s Gymkhana by Ruby Ferguson. 

Did you have a favourite literary hero/heroine as a child?
That would be the Jill with the gymkhana. The girl was a superstar. Practical, witty, sharp, utterly dismissive of all things soppy - including her own mother’s nauseating Enid Blyton style books. She dreamed of becoming the first female MFH and so introduced me at the tender age of nine to equality and sex discrimination. And she beats the rich girl in the gymkhana. Hurrah.   

What's the wine in that glass?
Er... Prosecco. Obvs.  

Have you ever given up on a manuscript because it just wasn't working?
No. A few times people told me to put Forfeit in a drawer and move on, but I couldn’t. I loved Daisy and Xander too much to give up on them and the story.

Do your sex scenes make you horny?
*Blushes* A wise friend once told me to write books that I wanted to read because chances are someone else would want to read them too. Another wise friend, Kitty French told me to write sex scenes as though no one would ever read them. Put the two together... 

Zoe’s a bit of a loose-moralled minx–
She’s great, right? I loved writing her scenes. 

Will we see more of her in your next book?
You’re not the first person to ask that. 

No. Sorry. 

What can your readers look forward to?
Afterglow should be out later this year. It’s about backpackers getting up to no good in Bondi Beach.

You said, ‘should be.’ Does that mean you’re not in the zone yet?
*Is watching cat videos on Facebook* Sorry, what? 

You went to a Book Signing earlier this year. Are you planning any more?
Yes. Dublin and Birmingham this July, then Aberdeen in August. Oh, and Dublin again in 2016. 

Is there any of that Prosecco left?
Yes. But I’m not sharing. :p 

Any advice for aspiring authors? 
Drink less.

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The explosive, emotional and unforgettable new romance from the NYT bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series

Alexa Holland's father was her hero-until her shocking discovery. Ever since, Alexa has worked to turn her life in a different direction and forge her own identity outside of his terrible secrets. But when she meets a man who's as damaged by her father's mistakes as she is, Alexa must help him.

Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with Alexa's efforts at redemption, but it's not so easy to push her away. Determined to make her hate him, he brings her to the edge of her patience and waits for her to walk away. But his actions only draw them together and, despite the odds, they begin an intense and all-consuming affair.

Only Caine knows he can never be the white knight that Alexa has always longed for, and when they're on the precipice of danger, he finds he'll do anything to protect either one of them from being hurt again . . .

Praise for Samantha Young:

'Ridiculously incendiary chemistry.' - Dear Author

'Scotland's answer to E.L. James. Steamy romance . . . mysterious, all-consuming and pretty damn good' Closer

'Humor, heartbreak, drama, and passion.'-The Reading Cafe

'A true gift for storytelling with a liberal dose of racy encounters. But what really sets it apart is exquisite characterisation, so vivid that the cast seeps into the reader's psyche' - Daily Record

"Heartwarming, sizzling and captivating. . . . [Young's characters] are complex, a little flawed, and at their core good people struggling to make it in this crazy world. . . . Young creates steamy scenes that sizzle with just the right amount of details." - Caffeinated Book Reviewer

I'm gutted that there is only 5 * I can give this. best read of 2015 for me FACT. 
I loved Samantha's On Dublin Street books but she really upped her game for this one. The writing is FLAWLESS, the characters complex but understandable. I was floored and pulled an all nighter because I could not put the book down. 

The book begins with Alexa starting back at work after time off to grieve for her mum who recently passed away. Not knowing who the photo shoot is for Alexa turns up alarmed to see that part of her past is stood in front of her flirting. When Alexa explains who she is Caine storms off demanding another photographer. When her boss calls and fires her Alexa goes off to find Caine to explain that she has noting to do with the past and she can't be accountable for her fathers actions. Caine agrees to make a call to Alexa's boss requesting he give her job back. The next day Alexa gets a call asking her to meet up with Caine and when she does he offers her a PA position making it clear he will make her life HELL. 

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Summer heats up in this third book in the No Weddings Series, where Cade Michaelson strives to balance his and Hannah Martin's new relationship with the growing demands of his financial success.

Waiting for Hannah has been the best and worst kind of torture. Now I can claim her as mine. We believe we're done with the past and can move forward together.

Hannah grows stronger than ever as she trusts in me--trusts in us. And when obstacles appear, she shows a surprising fierceness that rivals my own.

However, all is not perfect in paradise. Things get chaotic while I try to juggle multiple businesses, an ex from hell, and a girlfriend I'd do anything to keep. And in the middle of the whirlwind, I recklessly think I can handle everything.

But when all the madness is over, will I have everything I want--will I still have Hannah?

Im gonna give this one 3.5 stars as I enjoyed it but not as much as the other's. The writing as usual is very good and I feel connected to these character's but feel wasn't much Hannah this book. It seemed very focused on "SELFISH BITCH" and Cade's job BUT this is explained when Cade talks to his dad late in the book.

This book is a journey for Cade and Hannah. They are still a new couple and need to find their feet as a couple, even getting a puppy. They both have new companies to get up and running along with Cade's ex trying to mess with them as a couple AND their businesses. The businesses are doing fabulous but between cade's 2 businesses, family party AND his ex is he giving hannah the time she needs.

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The stakes climb higher in this second book in the No Weddings Series for Hannah Martin, a woman restrained by her past, and Cade Michaelson, the man who could help set her free.

I'm drawn to Cade as he charms his way into more of my life and offers me something I truly haven't ever had: a friend. Yet his humor, patience, and drop-dead sexiness take my breath away, and I know my heart is at risk. I want to move forward but am terrified I can't.

Cade seems to have it together from his own devastating heartache. His subtle actions, however, suggest a different story. And even though he says he wants more, I wonder if he's able to trust in our developing relationship.

As we navigate through our tangled feelings, we vow to take it slow. Yet no matter how careful we try to be, things between us intensify--and there's nothing we can do, or want to do, to stop it.

But the biggest question remains: Is chemistry enough to move beyond the past and toward a future together?


Scorching (explicit) sex scenes.
Fire extinguisher highly recommended.

I really enjoyed the first book so I dived right in to book 2 and finished in a day.  Its a long build up book to them having sex. i like the writing its good i have no negative points to make. I find the characters relatable and theres no drama which is ex
exactly what i need right now. 

The book starts with Cade and Hannah finding their feet as a non dating "couple". they have agreed to take it slow and they are not ready yet for the next vital step of sleeping together. As their relationship grows so does Hannah's cupcake business. The book has a lovely ending xox

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magic size
Book Two in The Wake Series
by M. Mabie
Blog Tour 13th – 25th April
This isn’t just a two-year long one-night stand. It’s my life.
This is my life. Our life. It isn’t just some careless affair.
I’ve made the worst decisions a woman could, but I’ll earn my second chance.
She can try keeping all the guilt for herself, but I’m just as much to blame.
Loving Casey wasn’t my biggest mistake. Fighting it for so long was.
I’ll show her how fearless our love makes me. I’ll protect her torn heart.
He still has magic in his eyes. He’s the man who makes me happy.
Her voice still brings me to my knees. She says my name like it’s sacred.
I live for the day when I’m his. To take care of him. To love him the way he deserves.
I can’t wait to be all she needs. I can give her a happy life, security and so much love.
Sometimes two ships never meet in the night, but ours did.
Sometimes the water is rough. It beats you all to hell until you have no choice but get stronger.
Our love story reads more like a tragedy, but to me it’s clean and pure.
Let them point their fingers. Without a love like ours, they haven’t really lived. I pity them.
I’m a cheating wife and a villain. I am his honeybee.
I’m a snake in the grass and I sleep best when I’m lying next to his wife.
I want to be his everything.
I’m nothing without her anyway.
This isn’t even close to over.
It’ll never be over.

Sail is the second book in the continuing Wake Series. For more information on the first book in the series see the link for Bait below.


The room was dimly lit with the few lights we’d left on. It was late, and even though I was tired from travel and just life in general, I craved the feel of him.
Our suite was warm, void of chill or worry. In the bedroom, we didn’t bother with a light, knowing where everything was by memory.
He guided me to bed. He let my hair down and brushed it off my shoulders, and then he held me close and pressed his lips to mine. Casey laid us down so softly I barely knew we were moving until I felt the fluffy pillow under my head.
I deepened our kiss and moaned when his body pressed against mine.
“We’re not going to have sex tonight, Blake,” he said breathlessly around my lips. Why? I wanted him so badly. Just like that. Slow and easy.
I tried to evict thoughts of uncertainty from my mind, but they snuck in with his words. His behavior was contradictory. He’d shown me nothing but affection and care since we saw each other in the airport.
Why wouldn’t he make love to me?
Old demons felt the need to speak up.
What if he doesn’t want you after the chase? What if he only likes the thrill?
I felt my body begin to tense for the first time since we’d arrived. The hands that had been wandering across his back stilled. The leg I had started to wrap around his waist slowly began falling to the side.
“Hey, where are you going,” he said, as he kissed my neck and ran a hand through my hair to the nape of my neck.
“I don’t understand,” I contested. “I want you.” He shifted his weight and I felt how hard he was against my inner thigh. He was definitely turned on. So what was his deal? “Don’t you want me, too?”
“Mmmm,” he breathed near my ear. “God, I want you.” His big right hand hitched my leg back around his hip and he palmed my ass, bringing my dress up to my waist in the process and exposing my pale pink underwear. “I’ve wanted you day and night for so long now. I don’t know how to not want you.” He spoke between kisses and rubbed his nose along my clavicle. Then he bit me gently at the crook of my neck. “But there’ve been too many times I’ve let that need for you cloud my focus.”
“But I—”
“No, Blake. Not tonight. Tonight, I’m going to make you come and then I’m going to sleep next to you. I’m going to fall asleep with you in my arms. All those nights I missed out on holding you and feeling you next to me. I stole them from both of us being scared and stubborn.
I have to be better this time. I see all that you’re doing and I’m so damn proud of you, honeybee,” he said calmly. “But I want more than just physical things from you. It isn’t that I don’t want you. Fuck, do I want you. But I need all of you. Not just this.” He moved against my center and I knew I had to change his mind. After hearing those sweet
words, I had to have him and I wasn’t going to fight fair.
“Please, Casey. Fuck me.”
He growled and pressed his forehead to my chest. “You’re evil.” He laughed. I wished he sounded defeated, but mostly he sounded amused. “You’re not making it easy for me to be noble.”
“Don’t be noble then,” I said as I wound my arms around him and
pulled him closer to me.
“If you knew what I was thinking about doing to you, you’d know I wasn’t.” He rolled partially over toward the center of the bed and ran his hand under my dress and up to my breast.
“Then tell me,” I shamelessly suggested.
The tips of his fingers roamed down my stomach and my pulse sped up. His fingers slid under the sheer fabric of my underwear and my breaths came in spurts as I mentally begged him to keep going. I was so wound up.
“Don’t worry. I told you I’d take care of you.”
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So when I read Bait I was torn i didn’t know how i felt about enjoying a story about cheating so much. But all i wanted was for Cassy and Blake to find their happy.

I had to wait what felt like an eternity for Sail. Casey and Blake, Betty and Lou, His Honeybee. I couldn’t wait to see where they were going to go together. She asked him to wait, could he? Could she?…Would you? A question I asked myself so many times during this book.

This story had me chewing my fingernails, and my heart pounding in my chest (Grant is a dick…just saying) and wishing and hoping for them to be happy. Half way i was cursing my kindle and threatening M.Mabie with all sorts if they didn’t end up happy.

I never spoil a story, so I may or may not have unfriended the author… But she wrote one hell of a story and these two characters will hang with me for a long, long time. My heart has been through the wringer and I loved it!

“Betty Mine” Is a saying that will play over and over for me forever.

4.5 **** Trouble Stars
 BAITmagic size.jpg


Book One in The Wake Series

Still on Sale for 99¢


He was trouble from the start, but I couldn't resist.
She was the best kind of trouble. The kind that was so wrong, it felt right.
I’ve tried and failed to stay away from him.
I’ve done everything in my power to make her mine and keep her.
He’s almost impossible to say no to.
She never tells me yes.
We’re always fighting.
When we’re not fighting, we’re… well… making up.
He makes me laugh so hard.
I miss her laugh the most.
I'm a liar.
She knows the truth, but won’t admit it.
Sometimes, I wish I'd never met him.
I wish we could meet all over again. I'd do better.
His sweet girlfriend knows.
The guy she’s with is a fool.
I’ll never love anyone like I love him.
She doesn’t love me enough to choose us.
It was the wrong place.
It was the wrong time.
It should have been him.
It will always be her.
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M. Mabie lives in Illinois with her husband. She is the author of the steamy comedy Fade In. Her sophomore release, Bait, is the first book in the angst-filled erotic Wake Series. She writes unconventional love stories and tries to embody "real-life romance."
She cares about politics, but will not discuss them in public. She uses the same fork at every meal, watches Wayne's World while cleaning, and lets her dog sleep on her head. She has always been a writer. In fact, she was born with a pen in her hand, which almost never happens. Almost.
M. Mabie usually doesn't speak in third-person either. She promises.
For Other books by M. Mabie click the titles below