Monday, 21 September 2015


THE Beautiful, Lovely, Talented, Generous, Sexy Milf that is JODI ELLEN MALPAS is releasing a short story with all profits being donated to  THE EVE APPEAL. Jodi has donated 3 signed bookmarks. To win one of these tell me MILLER OR JESSE on the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.
A short story of 5K words released for The Eve Appeal All profits on the sales of this book will be donated to the women's cancer charity. Forgotten Desires is a small story with a big message to women everywhere.

Note to readers: This eBook features samples of chapters from Jodi’s published works, including the first chapter of THIS MAN – the 1st book of the This Man Trilogy, and the first chapter of ONE NIGHT: PROMISED – the 1st book of the One Night Trilogy.
About the short story…
Kelly has fallen into the humdrum of everyday life. Her fulfilment is found in the washing, the cleaning, the ironing and running herself into the ground with her job. She’s not sure when it happened, but the fun, spontaneity and excitement in her life was lost somewhere along the way. So when she's asked out on a date by a gorgeous man who demands her attention, Kelly’s not so sure she’s up for it. It’s been a while, to say the least. It would be easy to refuse, stay at home, finish that pile of ironing, and then answer some work emails. The thought of being so organised alone brings a smile to her face. But with the encouragement of her best friend, she bites the bullet and goes all out. Bye-bye ironing, hello gorgeous man. She doesn't know where this Kelly has been, but she quite likes her, and she doesn't plan on misplacing her again.

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I felt like I connected with this story, I’m almost 40, no I don’t have a career but Im a full time mum of four kids and that can be quite challenging so this story spoke to me. We often choose to tidy the house, take the kids out, wash the pots over sex because we feel that we are supposed to “keep house”  when really we should be taking care of ourselves and our relationships. Jodi has written a short but intense story that show’s us ITS OKAY to have a night just for you, make the effort and enjoy your partner. We only live life once and we should be enjoying it not working ourselves to the bone. I cant give too much away as really it is short but packs a powerful message.  A delightful read that benefits a really good charity. WELL DONE JODI XX

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