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London has a dark side… And I’m the one who runs it…
I’m not only London’s, but also the UK’s finest.
I’m the ‘Top Man’...
I am the ‘Hardman’...
I’m an animal, untamed, uncaged...
I’m untouchable, unlovable, the way I like it.

There is only one thing that unnerves me...

My past...
‘She’ is my past and maybe... My undoing…
* This work contains Drama, Profanity and very Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *
Standalone Novella

What made you write Hardman?

~ It was the one/story with the loudest voice for me. I had started two others, but this just fell out and onto the page. It was easy to write, for me, it wrote itself.
It's a step out of your normal theme, have you enjoyed it and can we expect more books in this Genre?

~ Maybe, as I absolutely loved writing it, especially his voice/grammar, as he’s not a stickler for the language rules like Duncan was. Hahaha. I've never sworn so much on paper. Hahahaha. Over 300+ F bombs related words, never mind the 70 odd C word usage. I even surprised myself, but I had to stay true to his character.

Duncan and Co, was and always will be a huge part of me and I had to follow Duncan’s rules for so long, so, it was refreshing throwing caution into the wind, hahahaha.  Even my editor at the beginning of HARDMAN's speaking, was ALL over the grammar, until she soon realised, that it was how he spoke, taking into consideration his education and his environment. In fact, when she corrects you with a sentence like this;

To say I am irked!!!! - He is PISSED OFF not irked - more Downtown Abbey than Hardman!!

... Then you know you have to watch, what Hardman say’s and how he delivers it. So yes, it was lovely not to watch my P’s and Q’s with him and I loved writing a good few of the chapters, they came out easy, so it’s defiantly something I am pondering on for the future.
And, it was my 1st, first-party POV too, as I normally do 3rd party and multi POV, so, yes, it was great fun. I do love writing the gory or fight/action scenes, and I did guns and manly stuff and so on, with the Dragonflies Trilogy. But that’s only because I like action myself. I see it as years and years of conditioning from my dad watching Cowboys and Indians and War/Espionage type films and books, Hahaha... Now, I have a ‘man brain’; I’m not a normal pinkie girl, I don’t DO pink lol.
Is there a follow on to Hardman?

~ Nope... It’s a standalone I’m afraid and... Expect more standalones from me too.

The reason for this is; because all my previous eight books (HARDMAN is my ninth,) have all been connected or entwined in some way. It was great having new people to play or talk with, as so to speak hahahaha. I am actually working on another new standalone title/story (which will hopefully be out late February or early March?) and I’m loving the freedom of new characters, although I do love my Dragonflies men and always will.

Swoon Rubin Miller, still does it for me and I love writing him, I really do.



Sir, thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I hope I’m not holding you up from any important work.

~ Nah, you’re alright... Always got time for a pretty girl... And what’s with the ‘Sir’?

(He laughs shaking his head at me) 

I’m hardly a ‘Sir’ am I? I’m a Geezer or a Gov if you prefer.
(He laughs again)

What do you like to do for fun?

~ (He shrugs his shoulders) 

Dunno... Any ideas?
(Now he's knowingly smiling at me, as he winks. This guy is an outrageous flirt.)

Why do you do the things you do?

~ Dunno what you mean?
(He laughs now at me, trying to look innocent).

You’re not wired are you?
(He laughs again)

Nah, only joking with ya... I suppose I’m what you’d call, one of them ‘natural born leader’s... 

Decisions will always have to be made... Even those, you don’t want to do... Someone has to take control... I’m just ‘The Someone’, that’s all.
(He shrugs insolently, like I’ve asked him what time it is?)

Do you enjoy the power and notoriety of it?

~ Yeah, I suppose I do. It’s always about the power; and the notoriety... I suppose the two go hand in hand with one another. But I always wanted a name for myself, always knew I would be something.

Do you sleep well after your punishments?

~ Yeah... Why wouldn’t I?
(He looks totally blasé now. I will say, I was a little scared asking him this, I understand why he has the reputation he does, he is very cool, calm and collected.)

... As I said, decisions are made every day, with anything you do... It’s how you deal with it that really matters. Punishment is necessary; it’s how we learn after all.

Put it this way... Growing up at my house, you got either the belt or the back of someone’s hand, for bringing trouble to the door or giving cheek..

So you learned pretty quickly, not to get caught, or, to be a cheeky cunt...  Everything you do, has consequences... And anyone who lives the lives, and do, what do what WE do, knows this from the ‘get go’...

Well they should do, unless they're as dumb as fuck? And that’s a problem, cause there’s always some brain-dead fucker out there doing something they shouldn’t. That’s why there’s people like me... To keep them fuckers in check, manage them. I always say; ‘It is what it is’...

I mean, think about it.... If it looks like shit, smells like shit... It’s SHIT!! Plain and simple, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that... And it’s the same philosophy for ‘if you’re caught doing something you shouldn’t’... Be prepared for retribution.
(He shrugs very matter of factly, and I find myself hanging on every word. I watch enthralled as he shakes head woefully. He’s a good speaker and incredibly charming. Makes me glad he’s too dirty to be in politics, as he’s quite captivating.)

What is so special about ‘Her’ that makes you want to give it all up? Do you think you will ever stop?

~ Everything about ‘Her’ is special... ‘She’ is truly’ one of a kind’. ‘She’s’ a good person, always was. She’s my total opposite. And that’s why ‘we’ work.

I’m a lucky fucker, but I always was... Oh, and let’s not forget,  I love the way she calls me a cunt... I’m a sucker for it.
(He winks again knowingly at me, the guy really is incorrigible.)

And yes, I have ‘Stopped’ as you call it. If you’re talking about work that is?
(He laughs cheekily at me.)

In fairness, it was time to; the writing was on the wall.
(Now he looks seriously at me shaking his head.)

You can’t live my kinda life and expect to live forever...

There will ALWAYS be someone up your arse or trying to take a big chunk out of it. There will always be someone gunning for your spot as ‘Top Dog’ if you have it, and ‘they’ want it, bad.

You’d have to want it bad as well, I can tell ya, to wanna try and take it from me!!

It’s human nature, to want to better yourself... But it’s pure ‘primal’, to want the number one spot... Especially if you’re a natural born hunter like me?

 I still do have my fingers in a few pies, but they are kosher. So, no harm, no foul.
(He shrugs.)

My problem is, I need to keep myself busy. You see... I’ve been making my own money since I was a kid in some way or another, always an entrepreneur me...
(He winks cheekily at me) 

If there is money to be made, I guarantee you; it will be ME making it. But I DO know... If it’s not kosher and I don’t keep my nose clean, I’ll lose ‘everything’...

This I know as she tells me it daily...

Nah only joking... She’ don’t ‘have’ to ‘tell me’... I KNOW, she won’t tolerate any of my shit...

... And being honest, I don’t feel like I need to now, or I’m compelled to do it, if you know what I mean, you know, cause its naughty an all... Which was often, the very reason for me to do it in the first place...?
(He laughs cheekily at me.)

What can I say? I’m a thrill seeker, innit.

But believe me; I will tell ya, ‘She’ keeps me more than busy... I don’t have the time for anything, or anyone else now.
(He laughs to himself)

Should have done it sooner...
(He shrugs again nonchalantly at me.)

Oh well, you live and learn... Don’t ya?

After the interview, I found myself flirting with him for a further ten minutes, until he informs me, that he has to go and pick up his son up from school. As he leans in to kiss me on the cheek, I’m ashamed to say I found myself wondering if he was going to kiss me on the lips; seeing as he had been flirting with me throughout the entire interview, but sadly, he didn’t.

On his way out, I see him drop a bundle of money onto the table, paying the bill for the lunch we’ve just had, even though it was for his interview.

He may be a very bad man, responsible for having a hand in some horrible things and he maybe a little rough around the edges, but in all fairness to him... I found him very charming and a perfect gentleman, bar the continuous flirting which I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed.

I can understand the attraction with the gangster life, if they’re all like him. But I would have to be like ‘Her’, and the way she approaches it, as that kind of lifestyle, really wouldn’t appeal to me either.

The End

I’m a Happily Married, MUM of 2. I LOVE Music…I should as I am the daughter Of Musicians and was reared with a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.


What can i say, this is definitely Samantha’s best book to date. a solid 4.5 star book.  This book is set in London and is very nitty gritty. The characters are parts of mob like firms. It’s not really a emotional book but a hands on blood and guts style mob book. I must admit i pictured Samantha as the lovely SHE and  “Hardman” i pictured as some bulky actor whose names fails me. There is a lot of violence in the book and often described or just referred too. Also the book contains a few scenes of cocaine snorting and dirty rough quick no strings sex. The book may contain triggers for many so i suggest heading warnings before reading but that said i absolutely loved it. “Hardman “ is a cocky arrogant arse but he has a weakness SHE and over the years they have come close many times to getting together but timing has been against them. SHE isn't from his world and he knows she is too good for him but it doesn't stop him wanting her. 


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Leaving the familiar comfort of her UK home for a weekend in Texas is one of the craziest things Charlotte Evans has ever done. Celebrating her birthday with friends is the highlight of her year until she bumps into her favourite rock star, literally. 

Gage Weston is used to having women fall over themselves at his feet … A rock star, an actor, he’s got his fair share of female attention, but what is it about the Brit that grabs his attention from the moment they meet? 

Communication issues and crossed wires plague them as they try to work out what is going on with them across thousands of miles. Crazy friends and distance issues aside; can a relationship work, or is it a simple case of ‘a girl in every town’?

A fun lil story about a woman  who is a fan of the  group “ pocket full of lyrics “and her friends as they travel from the uk to the USA to see the guys perform in concert in Texas, A chance meeting in a bar, some cigarettes  and  hot sex  with Gage and Charlotte leaves Texas with a broken heart when they return to the uk. But all is not lost and the two slowly fall in love and so do the others. yes this is unbelievable but its fiction and its a fun story and one I'm sure we have all had in our daydreams about a star we have a crush on. 

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There was some comfort in the realization that we were all horribly flawed.

Rennillia 1 (Rennillia Series #1)
New Adult
M. Sembera
Dec. 3, 2015
Set in a small southern town, death, love, hurt, friendship and anger bond Rennillia Cantinelli, Scott Herterand, Emerson Roberts and Jackson Thomas while shaping the paths they will follow into adulthood.
After a six year separation from her friends, Ren returns to the Roberts' house to start over.
Caught between love, loyalty, friendship and restrained by obligations, these four discover the bond they formed long ago is not the only thing holding them together.

Rushing downstairs, I found Emerson in the kitchen.
 “Hey,” I called, entering the room.
 He turned greeting me, “Good morning.”
 Intent to get it over as quick as possible, I stated, “We need to talk.”
 His face turned wary as he revealed, “I heard y'all arguing last night. I think we should talk. This was a bad idea. I thought it would be good for y'all to be together, but…”
 Stopping him, I said, “Wait. That’s not what I was talking about.” Sighing, I found I didn’t want to talk to him anymore and asked, “Where's Hert?”
 Emerson walked closer to me, saying, “He left. He didn’t say where he was going. Ren, if it’s not working out…”
 I stopped him again, raising my voice a little this time, “Why do you keep saying that? Things are perfect. I wanted to talk to you because we decided not to wait anymore. We are going to get our marriage license today and make an appointment at the courthouse. I wanted to see if your parents could come in early. We have three days and I don’t want them to miss it.”
 Appearing distressed, Emerson replied, “Why are you rushing?”
 Defensive, I argued, “I’m not. I’m just tired of waiting. And just so you know whether you think it’s a good idea or not, that’s what we're doing. I don’t know who you think you are. Plans and strategies didn’t make me love Hert. I fell in love of my own free will. Now will you call your parents and ask them to come in early or do I need to?”
 Sounding miserable, Em stated, “You know that means I’m leaving sooner.”
 Throwing my hands up, I shouted, “No one is making you! That's your choice! You can still wait to leave!” 
 Emerson shouted back, “No, I can’t! I can’t stay here with you married to Hert!”
 Sitting down at the table placing my head in my hands, I asked, “Why not?”
 Opening his mouth, he paused before hanging his head, replying, “I didn’t know it would make me feel this way.”
Emerson's reply seemed more like he was talking to himself than answering my question.
 Slightly outraged, I snapped, “What way?”
Emerson, always selfless, determined to put everyone else’s needs before his own was picking now, three days before I was to be Hert’s wife, to be selfish.
 “You know, Ren, I didn’t move to Spain with my parents because I needed to stay here with you. You and I, we were meant to be with each other. That is what was supposed to happen.”
Nothing more needed to be revealed. I couldn’t help being hurt. Hurt for Emerson and for myself.
 I looked over at him, scolding, “And you pick right now to tell me this.”
 Emotion seemed to weigh on him as he stated, “I won’t get a chance like this again, to tell. There are things you need to know.”
 Livid, I replied, “No, you won’t, because in three days I'm marrying Hert but you had ten years of chances and never said a word.”
 Emerson seemed regretful as he apologized, “I’m sorry.”
 Trying to hold myself together, I said, “Please don’t do this to me. Not right now.”
 Leaving the room, I heard him say, “I'll call my father.”
Marked Heart Novels by M. Sembera

Four full-length stand alone novels and one novella interconnecting four couples that will make you fall in love, laugh, cry, swoon, and believe in second chances
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I adore M Sembera. 
I must admit when I started it I wondered where this story was going, it had some stark emotional scenes but I felt there needed to be more description particularly about the ex even though the book is now finished  don't know much about him or the relationship that had her fleeing. Renillia is a self absorbed whiny little witch but you cant help somehow liking her but although you like her you do question all her motives and wonder what the hell she is thinking half the time. I would have like some more (not much) description of character’s looks wise. The secondary characters had a massive part in this twisty tale that the secondary characters as a whole is more like a third main character. Ren comes to the story with baggage but so does every character in this story. There’s  some stuff i kinda found majorly insane, Renillia isn't interested in Herts job until after they are married, the speed of the “getting together “ after meeting up again. I know its fiction and I'm just nit picking. Looking forward to book 2