Monday, 2 March 2015


A hit gone wrong, an impossible contract, revenge and the ultimate kicker… falling in love. 

Mercy Reid is a runner. 
She found the perfect place to hide, until it wasn't. 
Xavier "X" Blood always gets what he wants. 
He had the perfect arrangement, until it wasn't. 

X is the mysterious tough guy from Royal Blood MC who gets shit done. Cross the Club and you get a visit from X. Only one person walks away at the end of it...and it isn't you. 
Mercy is hiding something. Something big. Looking to get lost, she runs from one hopeless situation right into the clutches of a monster. 
When X and Mercy meet, something more electrifying than sparks fly. Something dangerous, passionate and forbidden. 

When you deal in death, there's only one way things can end... 
Or is there? 

If you like sparkly unicorns and hearts, Royal Blood IS NOT for you. 
If you like dark twisty anti-heroes and heart stopping roller coasters, Royal Blood IS for you. 
If you like teddy bears and kittens with whiskers, Royal Blood IS NOT for you. 
If you like unapologetic alpha males that talk dirty, Royal Blood IS for you. 
You have been warned.


4.5 Xtra hot stars from me!

Amity really embraced the dark side in this story...something I truly enjoy is good dark book that swallows me into the world of the characters. Royal Blood did just that ( I woke up in the middle of the night to finish it because I couldn't sleep.

Kill her or keep her. The dilemma faced by X over the beautiful Mercy Reid.

I loved Mercy's smart mouth and attitude, a strong female lead with balls! fabulous! X had just enough mystery surrounding his darkness to keep me wanting to read more.

This is part of a series and there is a bit of a cliffy in the end, but I am sure that Amity is busy writing (she better be) the next installment.

A dark twisted tale that drew me and spit my heart out, I loved it!

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