Monday, 16 March 2015


Blyss is something the world has been trying to create since the beginning of time, the ultimate aphrodisiac, a drug used against women with one single purpose in mind.... 

Julianna Oakley has just finished up her junior year at college and flies home to spend her last free summer with her father on their prestigious Georgia estate. Julianna isn't the stereotypical rich girl, a spoiled prima-donna. She's down to earth and has an independent streak a mile wide, insisting she makes her own way in this world. 

Nick has been setting the stage for a long time, and sparks fly when their separate worlds collide. She is Nick's ultimate obsession, and he will stop at nothing to own her. 

When Travis, Nick's right hand man, lays his eyes on the prize, all hell breaks loose. He should know Nick is playing for keeps, and while Julianna is fighting for her freedom, a lifetime full of secrets and twisted perceptions slowly unravel as Julianna gets caught in the fray. 

The Blyss Trilogy: An Adult Dark Romantic Suspense. 
This contemporary erotic captive romance book is full of suspense, action, and adventure. This is a dark, erotic thriller that will have you hanging on to the edges of your e-reader as you wonder which alpha male you want to fall in love with. Will you be team Travis or team Nick?

 First of all i hated the beginning of this book (sorry i hate kidnapping books) but as the story wore on i became engrossed. 
The book is well written and edgy, if you like dark, dubious consent, twisted plots you will love this. it does have a kind of ending that leaves you wanting to know more but luckily the second book is already out and the third is coming very soon.
Julianna is a strong intelligent likeable character she isn't pompous and i like that in a character, she stands her ground and only gives in when she has too. Travis is great, you know he has been a pr**k and often is but he has genuine feelings for her. Nick, now to me i wanna rip his head off he is not a nice guy and has obviously wanted and planned on having Jules for a long time. I kinda like the idea of Blyss in real life as long as used consensually. 

** four stars **

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