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Love is...Love is... by Cassandra P. Lewis
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Review of Love Is. by Cassandra P Lewis

After years of kissing frogs, neither Rafael or Matthew are on the lookout for their prince but when their siblings cause their paths to cross, fate steps in...After all, everyone deserves a happy ever after!


Having read the Mr Write Trilogy and totally loved them.
i had to know more about Rafe and Matthew. I have never read a M/M novel before, a few clips and teasers here and there but nothing has ever stood out to me UNTIL now and Cassandra has delivered a corking story in this spin off. I love reading stories from another Character point of view and seeing Rosie through her brothers eyes was very interesting it also .
The sex scenes were tastefully written but still hot, I really did enjoy this book finding out how they met and what they really think of Michael and all they go through, the wedding, Rosies wedding, Pips baby, Rosies baby and their baby.
There are some seriously funny comedy moments (or maybe i have a warped sense of humour) and some tense emotional scenes. Its good to see a well written romance that isn’t a straight couple thats the normal romance
Once again a well written and emotional book from Cassandra.

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  1. I tend to skip M/M because I half expect it to be porn-ish, so tasteful is a good thing.