Tuesday, 24 March 2015


"Masters only did two seascapes before his hand was crushed." 

David and Emma Thomas have reached the end of the road. Only one thing is preventing them from parting ways: a painting they bought on honeymoon. Priceless to both of them, the only solution seems to be to find the second of the elusive Masters' seascapes and each carry away a piece of the past. 

Will an impromptu road trip set them free once and for all?

This is a super quick read took me 40 minutes
to read. It was A REALLY GOOD short story, yes could have been padded out into a story but it didn't need that it stands well on its own. lovely written little short perfect with a coffee for when you don't have time but fancy a quick read.

David and Emma are going through a divorce and the only item they can't agree on who should have is the painting. A secretary gives David an idea and he runs with it determined to get Emma back but fait steps in and Emma's brother causes more issues and the police get involved. David ends up in hospital and
it doesn't look like our couple can get back on the right track.

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