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Welcome back to the Indigo Lounge, the scandalously sexy sky-high playground where anything can, and does happen... 
Flirty, dirty and utterly delicious, HIGHER is the sizzling conclusion to Zach & Bethany’s love story which began in book one, HIGH. 
When Bethany finds herself back on board the Indigo Lounge, this time for work purposes, she knows her life is about to once again slide into free fall. 
Zachary Savage has branded himself onto her senses, and despite her attempts to protect her heart she’s pulled right back into his sizzlingly intense orbit of sex, more sex and dark secrets. 
But even out of this world sex won't save Beth's heart when Zach is finally ready to reveal the truth… 
HIGHER. The only way is up, and this time they're going all the way. 
HIGHER is the perfect read for lovers of the internationally renowned This Man series from Jodi Ellen Malpas & Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. 
High & Higher are two halves of one whole and best read consecutively. 

 See my review of Book One "HIGH" HERE

Book one ended on a huge cliffy of Zach telling Bethany he killed his wife of one day Farrah. This book begins with Bethany being heartbroken over Zach's unwillingness to discuss his problem's. The fact that she can't just brush this under the carpet. Zach continues to try to to contact her eventually turning up at her apartment. Bethany does start to come around in a nice slow way. bit by bit. Will Zach's secret be too much for them to over come ?. Zach chooses Neon to organise a indigo lounge trip and puts Bethany in charge of the account. Bethany is in a lose lose situation if she says no her company will lose out and this is a chance in a lifetime for them.

I really enjoyed these 2 books. Zara has a nice easy writing style. I didn't want to put the book down once i started. Bethany is slightly more realistic than most heroines and I liked that. Another thing I loved was she was able to tie him up too. I think the only thing I DIDN'T LIKE was the use of "The reminder fuck" I felt this was too much like another big name book. if you like Alpha, Ceo type books this is for you.

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