Wednesday, 8 April 2015


A story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about LOVE and HATE.

I don't believe in fairy tales and Prince Charming.

I believe in fear.

He taught me how to be afraid.

We first met on a playground on a wonderful summer day. It was the first time he hurt me and it wouldn't be the last. For ten years, he's been my tormentor and I've been his forbidden. But then he went away, and yet I was still afraid.

Now he's back and wants more than just my tears. You see...he thinks I sent him away so now he wants revenge...and he knows just how to get it.

PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. This book is a new adult and contains rough elements such as harsh language, mild violence, strong sexual content, alpha male, antihero, blackmail, and dubious consent.

Fear Me, in all, contains sensitive themes many people aren't able to swallow

So, I had kept this one aside waiting until I had time to devote to really reading it – because it is long! If you know me and have read a few of my reviews you will know I love a good dark read and that i don’t do long sappy reviews either.
I will be honest it took me a good few chapters to get into this story, but once there I was sucked into that ‘I have to know what happens next vortex’ ... You know the one where you burn dinner and forget to feed the pets.
So my first impressions of the characters were Kieran is a dick! And Lake needs to grow a pair. This is one of those stories though where the supporting cast are just as interesting as the leads and I loved the dynamic between Willow and Dash so much ( They better get a book BB.)
Here is what I loved – I felt the fear, you could feel the fear in Lake as she interacted with Kieran, you could also tell she wanted to be brave and fight that fear. I loved the darkness in Kieran (he is still an dick) and how we are drawn into the seduction of that darkness. When we slowly get immersed into his past and see his secrets coming out, I almost felt sorry for him, almost. I just loved Lake too much to feel all the way sorry for him. So I am team Lake, and I hope she kicks his ass in the book. 
The juicy bits ... you know those bits of the story! They were great, well written and hot as hades. I did however feel that Kieran acted a bit older than his age, but later in the tsory that did make sense given his childhood. 
The twists... OH the mother F-ing twists! – that’s all I am saying. 
This ends on a major cliffy, so if that doesn’t appeal to you wait it out for book two. I hear it’s coming soon. (that’s a hint BB.)
Here’s what i didn’t love. There was a huge amount of dialogue in the beginning of the story that I felt a little distracted and confused by it at times. I felt I would have been sucked in a little faster without it.
To sum it up, A fabulous dark twisted debut by a new author I look forward to reading more from. If like me you have a little black heart that loves the darker side of romance then I would reccomend you give this one a read.
4 ****I still think Kieran is Dick stars from me.

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