Thursday, 24 March 2016


Follow Ren (Rennillia) from the ages of fifteen to eighteen as she struggles to make the right decisions for herself and sometimes works even harder to make the wrong ones. 

Hert (Scott Herterand) has a similar less than ideal home life and has been her only friend up until she meets Emerson. When her father arranges a meeting between Ren and the powerful Mr. Roberts son (Emerson) they instantly form a bond that rivals that of her and Hert's. 

When Ren's father bans her from all contact with anyone but Emerson, she takes a chance and falls for the charming and flirtatious Jackson. Smitten with him, she defies her father and embarks on a relationship with him. 

All the while death, love, hurt, anger and other various family issues arise that eventually lead the four of them (Ren, Hert, Emerson and Jackson) to the paths they will follow into adulthood. 

Sometimes, you have to go back to the beginning to get to the end. 

*can be read as a stand-alone* 
(Includes Life with Him Novelette)

as per usual i love M Sembera’s books. i have become quite invested in this series so it was nice to have the back story. this is a very emotional series and i have loved reading this for mary. I found that having the back story changed my mind on the characters and i can safely say I'm team jacks. and as for miss renillia well she kinda has a reason to be a little selfish. 

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