Friday, 8 January 2016


Three Crime Families
One Legacy
One Little Girl

Avery Spillane-Leahy the daughter of two killers, the criminal prodigy of the biggest kingpin in modern time. She is flawless, but only on the outside.

Loss, love and lust can crack even the toughest diamonds.

Inside she is a gaping hole, nothing that gets close is safe from her ruthless blade. She cares for no one, so that no one can wound her. She learned from what Rowan and Callum lost and became an empty vessel unable to be harmed by emotion. 

One scorned brother, an old flame and an angel of death dare to come into her world. They will all leave again, some of them in coffins, but they will all go. 

The question is what will be left of her?

When the Colours fade and the Grey Madness is gone she is left all alone, a Black Hole Heart with nothing left to lose.

“The root of all suffering is attachment.”

FIRST OF ALL let me say how proud i am to have Ashleigh review for us.  I simply fell in love with her first book Colour my ugly. It was the first time i read anything like this and it blew me away. The second book Monochrome my madness was expertly written but a bit dark for my tastes but when Ashleigh said black whole heart  was ready for blogs i asked if i could review it and I'm so glad i did as Ash has produced another 5* knock out read.

My black hole heart follows Avery, Rowan and Lauri’s daughter. Avery hasn't had her father’s love as he is tormented by the loss of Lauri. Callum (whose story we see in monochrome my madness) takes Avery under his wing and grooms her to take over when he is gone ( his wife Shannon poisoned him to get cancer and now he is dying)  or so it appears. Avery kills every man she has sleeps with except the man who raped and took her virginity Eiran. He made he feel and although she cut the the skin from his bones she let him live. When she meets Callum’s Doctor she knows he is different and she sleeps with him leaving him alive,  this upsets Eiran. The girl is a poor tortured soul who knows nothing but death yet is is so beautifully written. Ashleigh can write ! and pretty soon the whole world will sit up and take notice of her work.

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