Sunday, 31 January 2016


Every GOOD GIRL wants a forbidden BAD BOY to steal her virtue... 

My new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude, crude, and totally irresistible. 
My mom hates him. She says he's going to corrupt me. 
Lucky for me Lance doesn't care what Mom thinks. From day one, he makes it clear he's going to have his way with me no matter what Mom says. 
Works for me. 
I'll do whatever Lance tells me. 
No matter how bad it is... 

I get what I want from women any time I want. 
That pisses you off, doesn't it? 
Deal with it. 
That's the hand life dealt me. I'm just making the most of it. 
What you don't know about me is, from what I've been through, it doesn't make up for much. 
That's all about to change. Because my new neighbor Chastity Shields is some kind of something else. Mmmm, mmmm. 
I don't know what to make of her. 
But I want her. 
And I'm gonna take her. 
Every last way I can think of... 

WARNING: Just when you think you know where this book is going, it doesn't. Lance McKnight is a real bad boy. At first you'll hate him. But in the end you'll love him twice as much. 

Recommended for ages 18+ 

***Stealing Chastity is a scorching hot erotic standalone romance with an HEA***

I was literally squealing with joy when Devons new book was realised, being a huge fan of Devons work i knew i was in for a rollercoaster of a story and he didnt dissapoint.
his book is centered around a simple family of three Chastity, Charity and mom Faith who by any means lives her life to rule of the bible and has raised her daughters to become ladies of god. Things begin to heat up when new neighbours move in next door and by no means are they living there life by any religious beliefs.

Bring in one hot man by the name of Lance who lives his life in the fast lane BUT he does have one secret and he intends to keep it hidden from anyone.
soon hitting adult hood she is on the countdown till she can live her life for herself and not for her mom. Charity is the teenage sister who watches as her sister grow to become something she wants to be and retailiates against there mom but it may have gone
Chastity and Lance are instantly attracted to one another and with Faith being hot on Chastitys heels things are not easy for the couple. But with Chast
ia step to far leaving Chastity wondering how she can leave her sister with there mom.

A fantastically gripping storyline that will leave you wanting to read more with no cliffhangers and a happliy ever after what more could a girl wish for a full 5* read

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