Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review of Alarm by Shay Savage.

Chloe’s life is safe and comfortable. Meeting a tall, dark stranger covered in tattoos is not in her plans. Bad boys just aren’t her type, even if they gorgeous and built like a brick wall. The alarms in her head warn that Aiden Hunter is definitely on the list of men her mother told her to avoid, but she doesn’t listen.
Still, she finds herself drawn to Aiden and the excitement she is missing in her own life. He fills her days with thrills and danger, and her nights with passion she’s never experienced before. Even though she knows he’s hiding something from her, Chloe pushes away her concerns and dives into this new way of living. Near the beach in Miami, Aiden teaches her to live life to the fullest as Chloe battles the internal warning bells that tell her to be wary. By the time she realizes her fears may be justified, it’s too late. Aiden’s past is catching up to him, but is he the hunter or the hunted?

I love Shay Savages work, who else can write books about two people and no one else and still keep you engaged and wanting more. Of course im talking about her books Surviving Raine and Transcendence, Raine is on my list of “must read” books. She doesn't write sappy romance nor does she follow the trends she just writes her books her way and they are fantastic.

Alarm begins with Chloe explaining that she isn't stupid but when she met him the alarm went of in her head but she ignored it. The next part is Aiden telling Chloe to stay in the car, Chloe seeing a gun in his hand then Aiden repeatedly saying sorry.  this brings us to the beginning of the story and Chloe who seems to lead a perfectly organised life with no surprises, she appears to be living her life but not LIVING. Chloes new boss Kevin is idiot but chloe isn't the kind of girl to speak back to him. Chloe comes across as a lovely lady with a little bit of a geek side, she watches star wars and has a collection of super heroines.  a night out is exactly what Chloe needs but the drinks keep appearing and she keeps drinking them until shes quite drunk and stumbles into a brick wall with arms. Aiden is everything chloe shouldn't find attractive but she is totally drawn to him and the safe feeling she finds in his arms.

As chloe finds out more about Aiden the alarm in her head goes off but of course she ignores it as she doesn't want to judge the big tattooed man with a baseball cap. On a complete whim Chloe books immediate vacation time from work and goes off to Miami with
Aiden.  The Book although a romance it also is a finding yourself story, Chloe does things with Aidan like sky diving that she wouldn't normally do and she finds that she likes this new version of herself she feels ALIVE. I won't reveal the rest of the story but of course theres a twist at the end. I will give this four stars as it was a really good book.

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