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Mr Write Trilogy Reviews

Meeting Mr Write

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. 

Rosie Alvez is a romance writer with writers block… 

Well she has just been dumped…On her wedding day!

Jackson James is a travel writer, and the perpetual bachelor… 

He has absolutely no intention of ever settling down. Why would he? He’s living the life he’s always dreamed of. A different beautiful woman in his bed each night, a different incredible destination each week, he didn’t even realise there was anything missing. 

Until he met Rosie… 

After a chance meeting, Jackson sets his sights on Rosie, much to her annoyance. She might be attracted to him, but can’t stand him! 

While the two search for inspiration in Thailand, a romance blossoms, but it’s a rocky road. Rosie needs to be loved, but struggles to trust it. Jackson wants to give in, but is terrified of his strong feelings for the fiery redhead.


These are well written books with lots of emotion and description but still light and fluffy making a lovely feel good book. The character of Rosetta is charming and is such a nice girl and Jackson well, who wouldn’t fall for him? , secondary characters such as pip (I love her) and Rosetta’s brother Rafe and his partner Mathew (Rosie’s ex fiancés brother) are excellently written as is the partnership.  I really connected with the characters in this book., all the characters were given a good intro. my only “possible” criticism might be that for a playboy he fell a little too quickly but this is feel good fiction so it really doesn’t matter.  A good light easy read and I love ROSETTA what a great name. 5*

Me and Mr Write

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. 

After a whirlwind romance, Rosie & Jackson are in love, engaged and ready to create a life together… 

Or are they? 

Rosie still has some trust issues and now Jackson has to return to Thailand. This doesn’t help her insecurities, but she’s willing to fight her own demons for the sake of their relationship. 

Jackson has some of his own fighting to do, however, when he’s faced with an old flame, who has set her sights firmly on rekindling their fire… 

The rocky road to happiness continues as Jackson tries to learn how to be in a relationship, and Rosie tries to learn how to fully trust her feelings, and the man she loves.

These are well written books with lots of emotion and description making a lovely feel good book.
I found I connected to Rosetta’s dad in this book and again lovely well written characters, The attempted rape and talk of the previous rape were handled well but stopped this from being a fluffy read not that its wrong just a different level. I was so mad with the character of Rosie for talking her ex back I actually shouted and made my family laugh. 
The wedding of her brother and his partner was fabulous too and I really liked the way that Mathew was her ex boyfriend’s brother but didn’t side with him. Again another well written book x

Marrying Mr Write 

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. 

After a rocky few months of trying to save her relationship, Rosie Alvez lies unconscious in a hospital bed, fighting for her life… 

Meanwhile, Jackson, her fiancé prepares himself to fight for her. 

The ups and downs of the past year have taken their toll on the young couple, but the trials are far from over. 

With deadlines, insecurities, and past conquests hanging over the two like a dark cloud, they wonder if they’ll be able to weather the storms that are looming…

The last book ended with Rosie finding out she’s pregnant and Jackson isn’t happy and the last few lines of the last book are Rosie deciding she can do this with or without Jackson and the final line is “ as I revel in the clarity of my decision I step out…” 

So the anticipation of what happened has been keeping me waiting for Marrying Mr. Write, I’m disappointed that things don’t go easy for Rosie and Jackson but it would be a boring story if it was plain sailing right?  So anyway Sasha  (Jacksons old friend with benefits) plays a major part in this book and let me say WHAT A BITCH. She’s well written, as you love to hate her. The rest of the book is the trials and tribulations of the lovely couple sorting themselves out and trying to get their own happy ever after. It’s not a light easy read like the first two books but a great conclusion to the trilogy. 

The whole series gets a big five stars and I'm loving the current book which is a spin off called Love Is and is Rafe and Mathews story.

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