Monday, 26 October 2015


Some people work their whole lives to have it all. 

“I think it goes without saying that I miss you. So much that some days it feels like my heart might stop beating from it.” 

Some people search for that one thing that will complete them. 

“I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t breathe knowing you aren’t next to me.” 

Some people have it all ripped away in the blink of an eye. 

“I don’t know how people deal with this kind of loss.” 

And some people find solace in their own special way. 

“I know I can’t have a future with you, but I’m beyond grateful for the past we shared.”

Letters To Matt

How lucky would you be to find your True Love and Best Friend in ninth grade, with your whole life ahead, memories waiting to be made? Jaden and Matt had found that and more, and were preparing to take on real life and responsibilities.

Little did they know Chocolate Ice cream and sprinkles would change their lives forever.

At 18, Jaden's world has fallen apart a single parent to a daughter she could have given up, a life she could of let pass her by. She finds a strength she didn't believe she had to get through each day and make Matt proud.

Letters To Matt i found to be a very emotional read, although I've never lost my soul mate, it did strike me close to home personally so i was wary to start knowing how some books gloss over the true feelings connected with grief and sudden loss. Tara Lin Mossinghoff, to me captured the true range of emotions anger,chest wracking sobs,abandonment, laughter and chuckling giggles, without them overpowering a beautifully written story.

If you like to read a story that makes you feel every emotion and then some. I would definitely recommend Letter To Matt, but it really should come with tissues.

5 *'s

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