Thursday, 15 October 2015


A perfect divorce. A new flame. And a deadly obsession.
Nadine and Jake Saunders were married in their teens. Tied to one another by a night of passion that resulted in a pregnancy neither could turn away from. 
Now, years later, their children have all flown the nest and the pact they made as teenagers – to give one another the freedom to pursue their own dreams – has resurfaced. 
But freedom comes at a price …
While Nadine and Jake begin to untangle their lives from one another, Jake embarks on a passionate affair with a beautiful woman, Karin Moyes. What he doesn’t know is the dark history Karin shares with Nadine.
As lust spirals into dangerous obsession, Jake must break free from Karin. But he must also ask himself how well he ever really knew Nadine. What secret is she hiding? The truth, when it is revealed, could destroy them all.

3.5 *. I read the blurb and fell in love this book sounded perfect for me. The story kept me hooked until the end but i was waiting for the twist and nothing came, the ending was predictable and this really disappointed me. i felt a little cheated as was advertised as “suspense” but i didn't really see the suspense ? it was all predictable and i was hoping there was a twist like that Karin (who i totally saw as the evil queen from Once upon a time even though she is blonde” would actually turn out to be justified as Nadine had killed her father or something  similar. however on the plus side this author has a lovely writing style, i was gripped and hooked and couldn't wait for the twist that never came. 

Nadine and Jake’s marriage is suffering due to the financial crisis thats hit their company, Tonality when Jake meets Karin on a plane he becomes entranced by her classy elegant body and he doesn't start anything with him until his marriage is over. Jake thinks Karin is perfect until her facade starts to drop and the real Karin shows through. 

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