Tuesday, 16 June 2015


tr.v. con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trols
1. The power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events.
2. To hold in restraint.

v. sur·vived, sur·viv·ing, sur·vives
1. To remain alive or in existence.
2. To carry on despite hardships or trauma.

Kady Jenson was a fighter.
For four days, she fought through the darkness of her unconscious, and for weeks she fought for answers as to why her long-term boyfriend was more of a stranger, while she felt so connected to the Irish stranger at her hospital bedside.

The apprehension, fear, anxiety, scars she had no memories of gaining and an unfamiliar passion which spawned each time she was in close proximity to the stranger, provided a wake-up call.

Receiving something she secretly craved helped regain the memories of the 3 years she had lost...and nothing could prepare her for the gut-wrenching truth.

Kady discovered she had gone from fighter to victim at the hands and manipulation of the one person she truly loved - The one person who was supposed to love and cherish her.

Beatings, emotional cruelty and mental torture were an everyday occurrence.
This was her life...

Now, she's back and so are her memories. With Irish at her side to protect her and maintain any residual fight she has left, can she finally break free of Liam's hold?

What remained left of the fighter, fought to discover that she, at the lowest point of her life, was a victim.

Now she must continue to battle against the darkness before she can call herself A SURVIVOR.

4.5 big stars.
i loved the first 2 books and adore the writing style so when i saw this come up i jumped at it. I'm totally in love with walker, who doesn't love a sexy irishman RIGHT !. There is some dark themes running through this  so its not for the faint hearted.but such a story of love and courage. Abuse is a hard subject to write about and Brock has pulled another heart wrenching book from this beautiful story. 
Kady has escaped Liam in book 2, this book is her journey. she has to find herself before she can truly give herself to Walker but will Liam let them be or has he got a plan for getting her back an making them pay.

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