Wednesday, 28 January 2015


SILENT NIGHT, Book of Dreams #2
They say a good book can change your life. For Halle Michaels, it might just end it. 

When an old, tattered book shows up on Halle’s doorstep containing undeciphered messages, it brings with it a surge of mysterious incidents, sinister voices, and a code only she understands. A code that could lead to the secrets her father left behind and enemies she never knew existed. 

Now, forced to confront a past filled with mysteries and deceptions, Halle realizes the book not only holds the key to uncovering these secrets, but has the power to destroy everything.

✤✤✤ PURCHASE ✤✤✤

I was given Book of Dreams Book ONE Lullaby and Book TWO Silent night for an honest review


 I Jumped straight into this book after finishing the first and i really enjoyed it much more than book one. I loved the growing relationships and feelings in book two Aeden struggling to understand what Halle is and how he feels about her. Book two is way better written than book one which i struggled to read, this one i couldn't put down.
Book two begins with Halle waking up after a dream about her dad and not feeling alone in the room and we know it was  Aedan but obviously Halle doesn't know it.
as the story goes along we are left wondering what is Halle ? who or what is Jenna? how much does Lana know ? Uncle Toby ?  and yeah Brandt must be a Hellion no way is he Mr nice guy, and when will Halle and Aedan fall in love or will they keep a strictly professional relationship. book ends on a cliff hangar which is unfortunate but still really enjoyed this book.

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