Monday, 25 April 2016


The final, heart-pounding installment of the darkly suspenseful, sinfully sexy Vengeful Love series

I loved him with all of me.

It wasn't enough.

Gregory Ryans was everything I wanted, but he didn't trust me with the truth.

When I walked away from him, I should have known Gregory would follow. For a man like him, walking away—no matter the odds—is never an option.

He's come to offer me the deal of a lifetime: his heart. All his secrets. Him. Forever.

But at what cost?

The past refuses to stay buried. There are things about his family, dangerous things even Gregory didn't know. 

This time, we'll have to fight together to save what we've built. To show our enemies that love like ours can't be destroyed.

I believe that.

Does he?

This book is approximately 100,000 words

Editor's Note: The Vengeful Love trilogy is best read in order: Vengeful Love, Vengeful Love: Deception, Vengeful Love: Black Diamonds.

I love these books, Laura Carter has a delicious writing style that capture’s your imagination and makes you scream for more. i have been spellbound by Gregory and Scarlett for the last month and was over the moon to get these arcs. Gregory and Scarlett have a lot thrown at them in these books and they make their way through as only true love can.
Gregory has a past with childhood abuse and domestic violence and he truly believes his soul is dark and he is not worthy of Scarlett. In truth he will do anything for her including protecting her.
Scarlett is sensible but for Gregory she throws caution to the wind and becomes a more carefree version of herself and this makes her more beautiful than she was before if that is possible. 
The secondary characters are perfectly written with just enough detail to keep you interested in their story but not too much it over powers the main characters. 

Enough of the good points my main gripe was simply too much sex, i skimmed pages and pages as it was becoming boring. Twice straight after each other with hardly any thing in between is boring, however the fabulous story pulled it back. Four bright shiny stars x 

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