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Kadence Kavanagh has spent the last two years trying to rebuild her life. When a job opportunity presents itself, she can’t say no, even if it’s with the man who’s life was ruined by her father’s indiscretion. It’s been years since she last saw Caleb Callahan, and she’s not even sure he remembers her, but she’s determined to give herself a clean slate no matter who she has to work for.

In the unlikeliest of circumstances, Caleb becomes her savior – if somewhat reluctantly - and she discovers that the man she’s read about in the gossip columns is nothing more than a smoke screen. Kadence knows that keeping her distance is for the best, no matter how difficult, but when Caleb proposes the unthinkable, she finds herself caught between what’s real, and what she wishes was real.

Caleb and Kadence lose themselves in a lie, and when reality comes knocking, they realize that all they were doing was playing pretend…

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 4 * he’s such a dick stars from me :)

I stepped out of my dark little comfort zone to read this one and I was very pleasantly surprised. We all know I DO NOT DO SPOILERS! with that in mind I will not be going into the plot twist and cluster-fuck that is thrown at the heroine in the story.

Here is what I will say, I was sucked into their drama filled world and couldn’t help turning the pages. Kadence however for me was way to easy on Caleb (who falls into unforgivable asshole territory for me) I would never have forgiven him.  I liked the subtle humour, angst and passion that is felt because it is delivered in truly stunning writing. This is just the sort of read I enjoy when taking a break from the dark side. Fun, furiously filled with all the right stuff - you know what I mean.
Ms. Bester has certainly got my attention and I have added her books to my TBR - are all your leading men such assholes? because I sort of love assholes.

About the Author
I'm 23 years old & the ultimate Book Brat :) Coffee & Books are my drugs of choice, neither of which will be kicked to the curb any time soon! I go through a book a day & when I'm not reading I'm working on my next novel :)I'm a sucker for New Adult Contemporary Romance with a whole lot of sexy thrown in & my number one rule is I won't read a book unless it has a happy ending! I also have the unhealthiest obsession with the South,and I don't mean my home country of South Africa - I mean cowboys, pick up trucks, sexy as sin Southern accents, cowboy boots and barefoot bluejean nights! One day, I will live in Alabama & I will have my own Indie publishing house - my philosophy is if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough :)

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