Thursday, 17 December 2015


Leaving the familiar comfort of her UK home for a weekend in Texas is one of the craziest things Charlotte Evans has ever done. Celebrating her birthday with friends is the highlight of her year until she bumps into her favourite rock star, literally. 

Gage Weston is used to having women fall over themselves at his feet … A rock star, an actor, he’s got his fair share of female attention, but what is it about the Brit that grabs his attention from the moment they meet? 

Communication issues and crossed wires plague them as they try to work out what is going on with them across thousands of miles. Crazy friends and distance issues aside; can a relationship work, or is it a simple case of ‘a girl in every town’?

A fun lil story about a woman  who is a fan of the  group “ pocket full of lyrics “and her friends as they travel from the uk to the USA to see the guys perform in concert in Texas, A chance meeting in a bar, some cigarettes  and  hot sex  with Gage and Charlotte leaves Texas with a broken heart when they return to the uk. But all is not lost and the two slowly fall in love and so do the others. yes this is unbelievable but its fiction and its a fun story and one I'm sure we have all had in our daydreams about a star we have a crush on. 

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