Tuesday, 5 May 2015


The Beautiful Series are standalone romances, each with their own HEA. They can be read in order or on their own. 

New Adult romance, for 18+ only due to sexual content and adult themes. 

It's never easy to go back. That's something chef, Bradley Rae, is sweating bullets about as the date of his kayaking team’s reunion draws near. When his old school friend and teammate, Elliot Roberts, convinces him to go, he thinks he'll be fine going back there. After all, chances are, she won't be there at all. It’s been seven years. Maybe she’s moved away. Maybe he won’t see her at all... 

Dakota Morgan is a girl with many regrets, and Bradley Rae is on top of that list. You see, she didn't wait five minutes, and that tiny amount of impatience changed the course of her life forever. 

When her father sets up a fundraising reunion for their family owned kayaking club, her heart beats out of control when she sees Brad's name on that list. Part of her wants to refuse to go so she doesn't have to face him. But a larger part of her needs to see him, even if it's just a window into what might have been... 

When Brad and Dakota meet again, will sparks fly, or will the past remain firmly in the past? And what about secrets? Can they survive the reality of what that one split decision, made all those years ago, has done? Or will they let it all go again?

This is a super quick read, took me less than two hours so at £2.63 i think its a little over priced. I like Lilliana's writing style. It's a lovely book, very sweet and romantic with  TOUCH of angst from the discussion of the rape, but the rape is in the past and not detailed or described. 
At thirteen Dakota falls in love with a boy but he is sixteen and isn't interested in going to prison even though he loves her too. At sixteen Dakota gives brad her virginity and on her way home she is attacked and raped and later finds she has conceived during the rape. She disappears and Brad never knows why until now.
Brad attends an auction held by Dakota's family and leaves in a fit of jealousy when he hears a mans name used with Dakota but he doesn't realise its her son. Will Dakota and Brad get past everything ?


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