Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review of Rain on me by Eden Connor 4.5 out of 5 stars


If every heart’s a package someone else has tied in knots, how did bondage unravel mine?
I’d sleep with the devil to nail the source of illegal poker machines pouring into my district. It’s personal between me and those one-armed bandits, but when my captain asked me to go undercover as a sexual submissive to catch our suspect, my gut said “Hell, no, even I can’t tell a lie that big.”
Enter Ray Casey, shibari master, who spent two weeks showing me the world of erotic bondage. I fell hard for Ray, but the outcome of our affair was preordained; duty above all.
When the unthinkable happened, where could I turn when I couldn’t trust my brothers in blue? My instincts led me back to Ray, but he wants me to submit to something harder than a little BDS&M….
~Zinnia J. Jackson, Det. 1st Grade, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

I started this after reading one of my favorite books so I wasn’t really ready to read another book to be fair you could say I had a serious book hangover. After reading the first chapter I wanted to give up I just couldn’t find my mojo but I continued and I must admit the first couple chapters I didn’t really get into the book and no matter how many times I read Zin was black I still pictured her as a red head (think Julia Roberts in pretty woman but much curvier) and I pictured Ray as black (think postman from eastenders)

By the 3rd / 4th chapter I was hooked and wanted to send Hammond down almost as much as Zin. To be honest I would have liked more as I feel it was incomplete but obviously that’s to pave the way for another book.

This book was a lovely read I couldn’t put it down once I got past the beginning I really believed in Ray as a character and I wanted to shake Zin for her self doubt but all in all it was a good story And no spelling mistakes which is a big issue for me, and very well written.

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